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High Performance: World Retail Congress in Paris Takes on the Olympics Challenge

In preparing for the World Retail Congress in Paris, foresight is our imperative to help the global retail industry move into the 22nd century. That ...
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Are TikTok Videos Killing Instagram Reels?

To do Instagram Reels or TikTok Video? That is the question for brands doing social media and influencer marketing in 2024. There’s been a surge ...
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Super Bowl

How Do the Super Bowl LVIII Ads Reflect American Culture?

At TRR, we take the long view: What does stuff mean and why does it matter? In that spirit, here’s our take on the freefall ...
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MIA: Gen Alpha Beauty Retail

I’m the mother of four beautiful members of Generation Alpha. Three of my children are girls and, for the most part, I’ve allowed them to ...
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Gen Z: Trading Booze for Healthy Alternatives

Why aren’t young people drinking like they used to? The world is recovering from a global pandemic and contending with a youth mental health crisis. ...
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Field Report from Hong Kong and Tokyo

At TRR when we want a snapshot of a city’s cultural and socioeconomic health, we look to retail. Retail is an especially effective bellwether of ...
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The New Bang & Olufsen Store Debuts in London

In December 2023 Bang & Olufsen opened the doors to its new flagship concept on London’s upscale New Bond Street. More than showcasing the brand’s ...
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Curfews and Parental Escorts Deter Teen Shoppers from Malls

Retail theft in America has increased by 94 percent in the last five years. While it’s true that the theft rates were spurred on by ...
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