Jasmine Glasheen

Jasmine Glasheen is a go-to retail and SaaS Content Strategist. With over a decade of thought leadership for top-tier retail news sites and fashion publications, she’s the powerhouse behind custom content strategies, blogs, and whitepapers for retail-adjacent businesses. Glasheen is a frequent public speaker and podcast guest, sharing insights on generational purchasing behavior for clients including Perry Ellis International, NRF, Ohio State University, NYIT, Syracuse University, ASD Market Week, and many others. In the Wild West of SEO and AI-generated content, Glasheen doesn’t just navigate – she conquers. She likens the AI revolution to the eCommerce boom of the early aughts: “You either adapt or get bowled over by the tides of change.”

generative ai in retail

Ethical Issues with Generative AI in Retail Marketing

Generative AI in retail sparks ethical concerns: from unrealistic beauty standards to diversity-washing and misleading product images.
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Levi Strauss

Levi Strauss: A Brand Resurrection 

Levi's resurrects its brand by adapting to Gen Z's trends - customization, sustainability. Despite layoffs, it expands into new markets, emphasizing transparency.
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death of the middle class

What the Death of the Middle Class Means for Retail

Relevant marketing hinges on understanding the end consumers. Learn more about what the death of this middle class means for retailers.
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Teen Social Media

Social Media’s Accountability Without Alienating Teens

Teen social media users are in for a year of frustrating surprises. That’s because both the U.S. Senate and social media platform founders are facing ...
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7 Ways Retailers Are Doing SEO Dead Wrong

The last five years of accelerated advancements in SEO marketing haven’t given retailers and brands time to even catch their breath. The purpose of business ...
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Tiktok Videos

Are TikTok Videos Killing Instagram Reels?

To do Instagram Reels or TikTok Video? That is the question for brands doing social media and influencer marketing in 2024. There’s been a surge ...
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Shopify vs. Amazon

Head on Head with Shopify and Amazon

In the question of Shopify vs. Amazon, you can see it’s been an active three years for Shopify. After peaking in 2021, Shopify stock dipped ...
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Gen Z: Trading Booze for Healthy Alternatives

Why aren’t young people drinking like they used to? The world is recovering from a global pandemic and contending with a youth mental health crisis. ...
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