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H&M Met Gala

H&M Met Gala Looks

Check out these H&M Met Gala looks and learn how new CEO Daniel Ervér is trying to revamp the H&M brand with premium collections.
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Levi Strauss

Levi Strauss: A Brand Resurrection 

Levi's resurrects its brand by adapting to Gen Z's trends - customization, sustainability. Despite layoffs, it expands into new markets, emphasizing transparency.
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Inditex and Mango

Inditex and Mango Look to the U.S. for Growth

Inditex and Mango are surging into the U.S. market. From new investments to exciting collaborations, there is no stopping these Spanish brands.
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Pandora’s Goal for Recycled Gold and Silver

Pandora CEO Lacik implements Phoenix strategy, achieving sustainability goals early. Recycled metals cut emissions, lead jewelry industry in ESG.
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Saudi Arabia

Move Over Dubai, Saudi Arabia Is Taking Center World Stage

Discover the rapid rise of Saudi Arabia on the global stage, with mega projects reshaping its image. From sports to luxury, a new world hub ...
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LVMH’s Next Step to Shape Pop Culture

Learn more about how luxury brand LVMH is aiming to shape pop culture
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Boomer Makeup

Where Is Boomer Makeup When We Need It?

Learn more about some of the makeup brands that are embracing the Boomer Makeup industry, and if it is projected to shrink or grow.
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Target's Strategy

Is Target’s Strategy Causing it to Lose Its “Tarjay?”

Target is launching a new budget brand, “dealworthy,” joining the race to the bottom where prices struggle to cover costs. Dealworthy’s products, many to be ...
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