Mark Faithfull

London-based Mark is a long-standing retail and real estate specialist and journalist. And when he’s not musing on the future prospects, or lack of future prospects, covering European retailers for The Robin Report he is also editor-in-chief of the publications for MAPIC in Cannes and the city-trotting annual World Retail Congress. On those occasions when his hands are pried away from his laptop, you might also find him speaking or moderating at events or contributing to the odd podcast or video. Away from work, Mark is married to Judi and has three children, with the two eldest currently at university, plus a less academically minded dog. He is also an ardent Chelsea fan, very keen traveler, a vegetarian since when it wasn’t trendy and is still untrendy because you now need to be vegan, an enthusiasm-over-ability soccer player and a killer cocktail maker.


Carrefour and PepsiCo Battle Over Pricing

Shrinkflation is not a new phenomenon, but the practice has ramped up over the past couple of years, with many major brands sensitive about raising ...
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Emerging Renaissance of European Malls

The argument is simple: malls may not be the income powerhouses they once were but we’re still enduring their pain. Malls have been through the ...
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The New Bang & Olufsen Store Debuts in London

In December 2023 Bang & Olufsen opened the doors to its new flagship concept on London’s upscale New Bond Street. More than showcasing the brand’s ...
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How an Iconic Parisian Café Plans to Conquer the Retail World

Perhaps if you started business in 1885 and have a formidable literary and artist legacy going back nearly two centuries with the same family running ...
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Oslo Is More than Fjords: It’s New Nordic Luxury

Think luxury fashion, upscale boutiques, and glamour. Then think fjords and Oslo. Maybe it’s not the first place to spring to mind. Well, you could ...
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Breakthrough Technology Shifts Circularity

Cyndi Rhoades is the CEO of UK-based Worn Again and she believes that the inherently unsustainable fast fashion industry can be sustainable, and more importantly, ...
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Retail in Paris, London, and Milan Beset with Problems

Here’s the million-dollar question: Are three major UK and EU shopping cities outdated and irrelevant for retail tourism? We’re talking London, Paris, and Milan. And ...
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UK Update: Retailers John Lewis vs Marks & Spencer

Middle England — that often-cited bellwether of the UK’s consumer likes and dislikes — has fallen out of love with John Lewis. And to make ...
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