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Living Icon: Serena Williams’ Legacy

This year is such a bittersweet moment for the legendary Serena Williams. In a cover story for Vogue magazine, she announced that she would be ...
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What Is Your North Star?

Do you know your organization’s North Star? Or maybe a better question is whether your organization even has a North Star. Not to get all ...
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Gifting With a Purpose

For gift givers, convenience and flexibility are the two key benefits of gift cards, driving their adoption among people, companies, and marketers the world over. Not ...
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What If We Reimagined Retail?

I offer you a cautionary tale. Let us take a moment in the waning days of yet another summer we cannot bear to admit is ...
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Pete Nordstrom Is a True Innovator and Storyteller

Earlier this year, Pete Nordstrom, president and chief brand officer of the retailer that bears his family name, launched Nordy Pod, a podcast or as ...
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The Reinvention of Curation

The display greeting you at the doorway is a huge geode of crystal amethyst; the asking price is $2000. Behind it is a mannequin wearing ...
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Will Gen Z’s Mental Health Challenges Bring About Societal Change?

What does it take to create revolution? The answer, in part, is the willingness to buck against societal norms in ways that put one’s own ...
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The LARPing World Comes to Mainstream Retail

LARP or Live Action Roleplay is no longer relegated to creative high schoolers in parking lots. As we emerge from the pandemic, consumers of all ...
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