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Robots in Retail

Humanoid robots in retail are set to transform customer experiences and streamline operations, with widespread adoption on the horizon.
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Seoul Shopping

Is eComm Killing Seoul Shopping?

Seoul shopping struggles as digital shopping rises. Korean ecommerce faces tough competition from Chinese giants like Alibaba and Temu.
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Will GenAI Reshape Luxury Brands?

GenAI is set to transform luxury brands by integrating advanced tech. To stay relevant, brands must innovate using big data, AI, and focus on enhancing ...
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generative ai in retail

Ethical Issues with Generative AI in Retail Marketing

Generative AI in retail sparks ethical concerns: from unrealistic beauty standards to diversity-washing and misleading product images.
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Digital Fashion Design

Digital Fashion Design and Sustainability

If there’s one key word coming out of fashion in 2024, it’s “sustainable.” And while there are many conflicting ideas on what the word means ...
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The Next Wave of Retail Disruption

Explore how retailers leverage tech for seamless experiences, to avoid retail disruption like Kohl's missed RFID opportunity costing millions.
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Retail Vendor Portal

A Retail Vendor Portal Built on Trust

If you visualize the future, chances are you don’t see it as a triangle. But look again. Think of the three sides as the weight ...
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Tarek Müller

Behind the Scenes with Scayle Super-Entrepreneur Tarek Müller

What does it take to make a startup endure? Success in the global digital marketplace does not come easily or overnight to most entrepreneurs. In ...
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