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Carrefour and PepsiCo Battle Over Pricing

Shrinkflation is not a new phenomenon, but the practice has ramped up over the past couple of years, with many major brands sensitive about raising ...
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Self-Checkout is dying

Self-Checkout is Dying. Hallelujah!

Whether we were aware of it or not, over the past decade or so consumers in just about every Western industrialized country have been unwitting ...
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That Was the Year of 23 Skidoo

I bet nobody actually says “23 skidoo” anymore. Chances are most people have never even heard the expression…much less know what it means. But as ...
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Retail Gas Stations Under Assault!

From the Atlantic to the Pacific, nothing punctuates the American roadside landscape more than the traditional retail gas station – except perhaps for the automobiles ...
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The Pre-Black Friday Phenomenon

Here’s the trendline: A significant shift in Pre-Black Friday sales has occurred over the past several years as retailers move from a cascade of big ...
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How an Iconic Parisian Café Plans to Conquer the Retail World

Perhaps if you started business in 1885 and have a formidable literary and artist legacy going back nearly two centuries with the same family running ...
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How Cotton Can Help Protect the Planet

Unlike synthetic, petroleum-based textiles like polyester, nylon and acrylic, which produce microplastic pollution and can take hundreds of years to decompose, cotton biodegrades quickly, something ...
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Why Banana Republic, Boll & Branch and Others May Have Picked the Wrong Time to Get into Furniture

During the pandemic, American consumers bought furniture like they didn’t have a stick of the stuff in their homes. Ever since, not so much. Among ...
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