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Vyra Scher: A Startup Entrepreneur Overcoming the Odds

Today’s emerging brand founders face challenges around every corner. Vyra Scher is a transgender woman who faced multiple traumas in founding her startup hosiery and ...
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Carhartt and Red Wing: Everything Old Is New Again

For many next-gen consumers, the term “trusted brand” seems like an oxymoron. The combined 140 million Gen Y (aka millennial) and Gen Z cohorts are ...
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What The Taylor Swift Effect Tells Us About Branding

“The T Swift Effect” aka “The Taylor Effect” sounds like a seismic happening. If Taylor Swift has ever held a concert in your town, or ...
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REI and Dove Are Changing the Next-Gen Social Media Crisis

When did social media stop feeling like an option and start feeling like a responsibility? Few members of Generation Z and Gen Alpha, which include ...
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What Does TikTok Shop Mean for Ecommerce?

Brands currently spend $78.45 billion in video ads each year. The short-form video hosting service, TikTok, is making strides to secure its slice of the ...
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Oslo Is More than Fjords: It’s New Nordic Luxury

Think luxury fashion, upscale boutiques, and glamour. Then think fjords and Oslo. Maybe it’s not the first place to spring to mind. Well, you could ...
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Gen Z Speaks a Different Language

I know we all have enough acronyms and abbreviations in our lives already. Talking via Whatsapp over the past couple of months to my 18-year-old ...
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Nike Is All-In on Wellness

Taking a Deep Dive, Nike Live is Reborn as Nike Well Collective When Nike introduced its House of Innovation its impetus was to take their ...
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