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VF’s New CEO, Bracken Darrell: “It’s a Strategic Thing”  

VF has been on a spree. In 2004, it paid $396 million for lifestyle brand Vans. They purchased bootmaker, Timberland, for $2 billion in 2011, ...
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10 Global Retailers Worth Watching

Not Your Usual Suspects: 10 Global Retailers Worth Watching

With the specter of inflation seemingly tamed and the prospect of the U.S. Federal Reserve lowering interest rates as many as three times throughout 2024, ...
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The New DTC: Unraveling Showfields and Neighborhood Goods

The New DTC Is Directionless to Consumer

In the end, Showfields and Neighborhood Goods billed themselves as department stores, and they did what so many department stores have done: They went out ...
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CEO a Go-go

Running a big retail chain is no easy job in the best of times. In a year like 2023, it was a bitch. After two ...
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Can Overstock Ever Get Beyond Bed Bath & Beyond?

If you thought all the drama surrounding the Bed Bath & Beyond brand was over when the company went out of business in 2023, you ...
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Avon Makes a Play for Next Gens with Next-Gen Tech

When does a promotion feel less like a promotion, and more like the ultimate uphill battle? That’s what it feels like when you’re given the ...
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Yeti Takes Customer Experience to Another Level

There is no well-respecting hipster, boomer, next gen, or everyone in between that doesn’t turn to Yeti first in solidarity for the health and wellbeing ...
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Aritzia Is an Influencer That Offers Choice

Aritzia fills a gap and need for affordable style in a retail environment that is designed to deliver a satisfying upscale design experience. It’s not ...
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