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Field Report from Hong Kong and Tokyo

At TRR when we want a snapshot of a city’s cultural and socioeconomic health, we look to retail. Retail is an especially effective bellwether of ...
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The New Bang & Olufsen Store Debuts in London

In December 2023 Bang & Olufsen opened the doors to its new flagship concept on London’s upscale New Bond Street. More than showcasing the brand’s ...
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Curfews and Parental Escorts Deter Teen Shoppers from Malls

Retail theft in America has increased by 94 percent in the last five years. While it’s true that the theft rates were spurred on by ...
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Retailtainment and the Experience Culture

When I was president of a trend-based futurist company, I asked the founder’s sister how many people it takes to accelerate a trend. The answer ...
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Is “Romcommerce” What’s Next for Product-Inspired Media?

Ticket sales of romantic films sank during the pandemic. Fear not, love is in the air once again but, this time around, Cupid is an ...
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Product Placements on Steroids

Product placement in film and television has changed drastically and the demand for these story-driven products is stronger than ever. A recent study by BENLabs ...
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Vyra Scher: A Startup Entrepreneur Overcoming the Odds

Today’s emerging brand founders face challenges around every corner. Vyra Scher is a transgender woman who faced multiple traumas in founding her startup hosiery and ...
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Carhartt and Red Wing: Everything Old Is New Again

For many next-gen consumers, the term “trusted brand” seems like an oxymoron. The combined 140 million Gen Y (aka millennial) and Gen Z cohorts are ...
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