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Proto Holograms Are Leapfrogging to the Future

I have seen the near future and it is speeding toward us at warp speed. Case in point: When I worked at Faith Popcorn’s BrainReserve, ...
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Retail Tech Opens a New Chapter

As the vernal equinox flips the calendar to Spring, festivals and innovation summits have emerged from hibernation. At the South by Southwest festival in Austin ...
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TikTok Retail Marketing at Risk

Digital marketers in the retail industry have been thrown into a state of flux in recent days with news emerging that regulators in Congress and ...
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What Mark Twain Has to Say About the Metaverse

Remember Mark Twain’s observation about the weather? Everybody talks about it, but nobody does anything about it. Brand growth in the metaverse is quite like ...
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Shoptalk 2023 Is Also the Industry’s Tech Festival

Shoptalk is well known in the retail industry as an exciting, forward-thinking gathering infused with tech innovations for retailers and brands. How do they stay ...
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After the Crash, NFTs Are Repurposed for Retail

NFTs have sprinted through the hype cycle, from frenzied enthusiasm to disillusionment in less than 24 months. Signals are hinting that they may have reached ...
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The Electric Slide

Consider this: There are about to be 1.3 million opportunities that have never existed before for retailers, restaurants, and service providers. Those that jump on ...
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Couch Potatoes Unite: The Future of Food Shopping Is Almost Here

There are a few significant advances in technology that exponentially transformed how we live and work. The personal computer, the mobile phone, remote meeting platforms, ...
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