Jay Hakami

Jay Hakami is a dynamic and visionary leader renowned for his expertise across retail, wholesale, and technology sectors. In 2000, his entrepreneurial journey began by establishing Sky IT Group, initially as a system integrator serving the fashion industry. Sky IT Group evolved into a Software as a Service (SaaS) technology firm, driven by Jay’s vision to launch a unified digital platform facilitating seamless collaboration between multi-vendor retailers and their brand suppliers.

In 2007, Jay introduced SKYPAD, a groundbreaking B2B sell-through reporting platform. This. innovative solution revolutionized the landscape by providing retailers and brands with unprecedented insights into product sales performance. Today, SKYPAD receives global recognition as the leading reporting platform, trusted by top retailers and brands worldwide.

SKYPAD supports 4,000+ multi-vendor retailers and brands across 30,000 stores. Jay is known for his business acumen, reflected in his successful career and frequent speaking engagements at tech and industry events, as well as contributions to the Forbes Technology Council.

Retail Vendor Portal

A Retail Vendor Portal Built on Trust

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Over the years Arick has racked up an amazingly diverse array of experiences and accomplishments that span many sectors and industries. He helped Mike Bloomberg get elected mayor of New York City in 2001, running his campaign’s field operations. He later became a film and TV producer, creating content for PBS and NBC which earned him 29 Emmy nominations and 6 Emmy Awards. He worked as an investment banker at JP Morgan and as a political consultant to several heads of state and even a pair of monarchs. Nowadays he is often on TV at CNN where he offers his takes on global and domestic political issues, or you can check out his regular column that he writes for Newsweek Magazine. Arick keeps retailers  tuned in to the macroeconomic, political, cultural and technological shifts that move the industry, oftentimes in unexpected ways. He is based in Minneapolis.

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