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Imagine Robin Lewis: author; visionary, retail guru and founder/CEO of The Robin Report, enjoying a martini at Louis Backyard, way down in Key West. That’s the picture of a totally relaxed man and his pup. This is where he loves to write and would welcome all retail and brand executives for a slowed-down chat about what they need to do to be successful. So, come on down to the Conch Republic, as the locals call it. And you might not ever want to leave.

Brandy Melville, or Hellville?

Brandy Melville CEO enforces narrow beauty standards, amid controversies. Sales soar, revealing dark side of fast fashion.
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Under Armour's Continuing Decline

Kevin Plank: Architect of Under Armour’s Continuing Decline?

Hear from Robin Lewis about why he thinks Kevin Plank has been involved with Under Armour’s Continuing Decline.
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Target's Strategy

Is Target’s Strategy Causing it to Lose Its “Tarjay?”

Target is launching a new budget brand, “dealworthy,” joining the race to the bottom where prices struggle to cover costs. Dealworthy’s products, many to be ...
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VF’s New CEO

VF’s New CEO, Bracken Darrell: “It’s a Strategic Thing”  

VF has been on a spree. In 2004, it paid $396 million for lifestyle brand Vans. They purchased bootmaker, Timberland, for $2 billion in 2011, ...
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Introducing CEO Tony Spring: A New Era at Macy's

Out With Those Pesky Vultures and in With New CEO Tony Spring

Okay, take a deep breath, relax, and cut through all the Arkhouse and Brigade noise about their tenacious acquisition threat to take its $5.8 billion ...
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Yeti Takes Customer Experience to Another Level

There is no well-respecting hipster, boomer, next gen, or everyone in between that doesn’t turn to Yeti first in solidarity for the health and wellbeing ...
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Aritzia Is an Influencer That Offers Choice

Aritzia fills a gap and need for affordable style in a retail environment that is designed to deliver a satisfying upscale design experience. It’s not ...
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Crate & Barrel Is Rejuvenated

Radical thinking is reinvigorating a 61-year-old brand with a high-profile new store design model and virtual store that changes up the customer experience and redefines ...
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