Sarah Holbrook

Sarah claims to be a Brooklyn native because she’s lived there for most of her life whereas actually, she spent her adolescence and teens in Denver Colorado learning to lean-into-the-skid, and other important driving skills.

Leaning into the skid is not only critical for driving on ice, it is a strategic reflex that anticipates disruption. This skill has influenced Sarah’s outlook on life which naturally colors her writing for The Robin Report where she specializes in anticipating change and its plausible impacts on retail. Additionally, she is working to shape the next generation of retail leaders as an adjunct professor in the Global Fashion Management program in the School of Graduate Studies at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT).

Sarah is a freelance futures and foresight consultant who regularly contributes to Compass, the quarterly journal of the Association of Professional Futurists.

Sarah has earned more than a few degrees.

  • Master of Science in Foresight, University of Houston, Graduate School of Technology
  • Master of Professional Studies, Global Fashion Management, Fashion Institute of Technology, School of Graduate Studies
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film and Television, Tisch School of the Arts, New York University.

Exploring the Ozempic Economy

In exploring the Ozempic Economy, whispers in early 2023 circulated in rarefied circles about the power of Ozempic, Wegovy, Mounjaro, and other GLP-1 diabetes medications ...
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Retail AI in 2024: The Next Paradigm

Retail AI in 2024: The Next Paradigm.

To kick off retail’s transformative year, NRF was a one-stop shopping moment to take the pulse of the industry. If a meme is an idea ...
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Field Report from Hong Kong and Tokyo

At TRR when we want a snapshot of a city’s cultural and socioeconomic health, we look to retail. Retail is an especially effective bellwether of ...
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Meta’s Strategic Transformation Yields Impressive Results

Things are starting to click again at Meta. Throughout 2022, the company’s outlook was clouded by metaverse malaise as the NFT hype was evaporating and ...
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From Hype to Reality: The Transformative Power of AI in Retail CX

There is an intrusive buzz that is impossible to ignore, it’s an incessant drone that has captured every executive’s attention: the paradigm-shifting nature of artificial ...
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Supply Chain Warriors: How Strategic Insights Reinvent Readiness

Welcome to the era of omnipresent disruption, where a confluence of climate, cybersecurity, geopolitical, global health, and other plausible, crisis-ready threats loom large. As the ...
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Consumers Shrug as China-U.S. Tensions Rise

The clash of geopolitical, economic, and technological forces has grown from a murmur to an annoying clamor as tensions ratchet up. A paradigm shift from ...
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Retail Tech Opens a New Chapter

As the vernal equinox flips the calendar to Spring, festivals and innovation summits have emerged from hibernation. At the South by Southwest festival in Austin ...
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