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In the Evolving Retail Market, Opportunity Knocks for Luxury Disruptors

The luxury market, including its goods and experiences, will end the year up eight to 10 percent over 2022 at current exchange rates, which is ...
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Where An Oil-Driven Past Gives Way to a Consumer-Driven Future

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, 2/19-2/20 No, it’s not about golf. Yes, there’s that. More importantly, it’s where you should plan to be next February. It’s the ...
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Is Nordstrom in the Vortex of Deflating Value?

It’s not surprising that without enough strategic foresight, Nordstrom would default to its “lowest hanging fruit,” and apparently its easiest path to growth — the ...
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Arhaus: Reversing the Luxury Home Recession Trend

The U.S. luxury market is rapidly falling into a recession (if it isn’t already there), according to Chandler Mount, founder of the Affluent Consumer Research ...
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The Boomers Aren’t Quite Done…Well, Booming

I am of course not exactly objective about this topic, but when a major new research report confirms it, that’s a big deal. Baby boomers, ...
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Amazon Dumps Yet Another Failed Brick-and-Mortar Experiment

Here’s a glimpse of a strategic disaster. I gave Amazon CEO, Andy Jassy, kudos as he took the top job as, in my opinion, Amazon ...
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Meta’s Strategic Transformation Yields Impressive Results

Things are starting to click again at Meta. Throughout 2022, the company’s outlook was clouded by metaverse malaise as the NFT hype was evaporating and ...
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Female Retail CEOs: MIA

Only six new retail CEOs in a 2022/23 Korn Ferry study were women, clocking in at 15 percent. And even more troubling, half the companies ...
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