Mikelya Fournier

Mikelya is a journalist from Southwest Georgia who brings over two decades of experience to the table. Her retail insights support consumerism by offering a fresh, unconventional take on new products, retail solutions, and trends in the hair, beauty, fashion, and micro-retail spaces. When she’s not decoding the latest trends in retail, you’ll find her traveling to find new perspectives, in the garden, and making memories with her family.

MIA: Gen Alpha Beauty Retail

I’m the mother of four beautiful members of Generation Alpha. Three of my children are girls and, for the most part, I’ve allowed them to ...
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Where Is Black Leadership in Corporate Retail?

Over the next 50 years, Nielsen research predicts the Black population is expected to grow by 22 percent while the White (non-Hispanic) population is expected ...
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Sustainable Alternatives for Plastic-Based Synthetic Hair

Sustainability is hitting even the most unlikely sectors of the retail industry. Women with strong ethical beliefs are now trading in their $700+ human hair ...
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The Future of Retail Productivity

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, productivity across retail has not increased in nearly 30 years. In our digital marketplace, more data than ever ...
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Tech Solutions for Sustainability

I recently discussed the sustainability issues in fashion that are plaguing the industry in The Zero Waste Revolution. Priorities to shift thinking and operations include ...
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The Zero Waste Revolution

Before the mid-1700s, new clothing wasn’t easy to come by. Garments were worn for years, enduring the repair process on more than a few occasions ...
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Living Icon: Serena Williams’ Legacy

This year is such a bittersweet moment for the legendary Serena Williams. In a cover story for Vogue magazine, she announced that she would be ...
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African Fashion Is the Next Wave

For decades, the continent of Africa has been lurking in the shadows of the fashion industry. From textiles to intricately woven fabrics, mainstream designers across ...
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