Deborah Patton

Deborah is inspired by big ideas and pursues people, places and events that provide that magical glimpse of brilliance challenging the status quo. When she is not running The Robin Report you can find her hiking and boating in the Adirondacks with her husband Jon; gardening as a volunteer in the Riverside Park Conservancy; helping families, alongside her son Sam, make their original versions of his 44 Daughters dolls; walking the Hudson River Greenway from Battery Park to the Little Red Lighthouse; writing books (The Truth About Transformation), stories, and leadership articles; failing miserably trying to train her two irresistible young English Springer Spaniels; reading with enthusiasm the papers her son Max writes for his Master’s in philosophy; supporting her local museums and gardens—and being intellectually energized by the madness and magic of living in New York City.

Born in St. Louis, she has worked professionally in Los Angeles and New York. Her early career was spent directing marketing and producing events during the golden days at upscale magazines: Town & Country, HG, Connoisseur, Seventeen, Modern Bride. Changing gears, she was editorial director of the Gault Millau America city guides, bringing the iconoclastic voice of Christian Millau and nouvelle cuisine to the American market … and reuniting her with her second hometown Paris, where she went to L’École de Louvre to study art history during college at Pitzer College, the behavioral sciences/social justice school in the Claremont Colleges system. Pivoting to Nielsen Business Media, she ran corporate communications/marketing for their 56 magazines and 86 trade shows. She also pioneered Applied Brilliance, a multidisciplinary, thought leadership conference focused on emerging trends and macro shifts that impact us professionally and personally. The Robin Report connects all the threads in Deborah’s life through the cultural and sociological role that retail plays in our lives.

Welcome to the 3D Century

If you’re looking for a quick way to become an overnight expert on 3D and emerging technologies in the fashion retail industry, check out the ...
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September in London

At TRR, we are always talking about the customer experience because honestly, that’s the only measure that matters for long-term success.  Happy customers, happy CEO, ...
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The New Retail Paradigm: Resilience, Transformation, Purpose

World Retail Congress is more than a meeting. It is the incubation ground for collaboration on new ideas, innovating products and services, and inspiring partnerships. ...
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Postcards from Barcelona

Attending the World Retail Congress this year in Barcelona can be a heady experience, not the least of which is recognizing that retailers anywhere in ...
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Cautionary Tales of Big Tech and Your Business

Let’s take a pause. Have you been keeping track of the tech news? We’re entering a new phase of our obsession with technology and its ...
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What Is Your North Star?

Do you know your organization’s North Star? Or maybe a better question is whether your organization even has a North Star. Not to get all ...
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The Power of Story

We live in a commercial culture increasingly transforming itself into an endless series of stories. Disneyland/World. Universal. Woof Meow. Harry Potter World. Those are the ...
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Leadership in an Evolving Pandemic

Leading in a Time of Ambiguity Living though a pandemic is shadowed by nearly constant uncertainty.  We take three steps forward, two sideways and unfortunately, ...
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