Pam Danziger

I always wanted to be a mystery writer following in the footsteps of Agatha Christie, Dorothy Sayers, Josephine Tey, Ellis Peters, Ngaio Marsh and Elizabeth George. A love of reading caused me to pursue an undergraduate degree in English Literature, then life got in the way after I began my graduate studies, so I took a break.

A decade of managing information centers for three companies followed, then a lateral shift into market research and setting up my company, Unity Marketing, to help unite marketers with their target customers through research information. That caused me to focus on the affluent consumers who generate over 60 percent of all spending, and the luxury market, which is largely their exclusive province.

Long story short, this led to my work with Robin Lewis and The Robin Report. Endlessly curious, I use a detective’s Means, Motive and Opportunity approach to solve the market mystery by collecting clues from interviews with subjects and conducting formal research. Then, I delight in weaving a story together to inform our readers so they can profit from the learning.

In my spare time, I write books, including Why People Buy Things They Don’t Need, Putting the Luxury Back In Luxury, Shops that POP! and my latest with co-author Ken Rohl, The Corporateneur Plan: Your Roadmap from Midcareer Professional to Entrepreneur. It’s reached Amazon best-seller status in Business Mentoring and Coaching, Self-Employment and Knowledge Capital– something I’m especially proud of –  and it gets honorable mention in Free Enterprise and Capitalism too.

Paco is author of multiple global bestselling books – including Why We Buy:  The Science of Shopping published in 27 languages and used in design schools and MBA programs all over the world.  Other books include Call of the Mall, What Women Want, and How We Eat – The Brave New World of Food and Drink.

Will GenAI Reshape Luxury Brands?

GenAI is set to transform luxury brands by integrating advanced tech. To stay relevant, brands must innovate using big data, AI, and focus on enhancing ...
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Second Hand

ThredUp and Vestiaire Lead in Second Hand

Learn more about how ThredUp & Vestiaire are leading the second-hand market, focusing on luxury & sustainability.
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Pandora’s Goal for Recycled Gold and Silver

Pandora CEO Lacik implements Phoenix strategy, achieving sustainability goals early. Recycled metals cut emissions, lead jewelry industry in ESG.
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LVMH’s Next Step to Shape Pop Culture

Learn more about how luxury brand LVMH is aiming to shape pop culture
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Behind the Curtain: The Temu Superbowl Ad

Temu invites Americans to shop like billionaires. The problem is Temu must keep advertising at a fever-pitch to replace shoppers who fade away. Learn more ...
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DEI in Retail

DEI in Retail

Amidst layoffs and public scrutiny, DEI in Retail is undergoing reassessment as companies navigate complexities. Read on to learn more about balancing advocacy with profitability. ...
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Reversal of Fortune in the Luxury Market

The New Year has already been tough in the luxury market. The stock valuations of 18 out of 20 major luxury goods companies that Bank ...
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Lifestyle Branding: Tommy Bahama Practically Invented the Concept

Lifestyle Branding: How Tommy Bahama Practically Invented the Concept

Lifestyle branding is ubiquitous in marketing-speak circles. Companies spent over $7 billion on lifestyle advertising last year and are expected to allocate some $10 billion ...
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