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Key Merchandising Strategies for Economic Uncertainty

We keep hearing about the impending recession which would mean a pull back in consumer demand just in time for the holiday season. But recent ...
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Inventory Apocalypse

As the famed retail icon, Mickey Drexler once said, “Inventory is the enemy of every retailer in the world.” And in today’s totally unknown and ...
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CPG Faces a Crisis of Conscience

By now we all know the adage, “If all you have is a hammer, everything looks a nail.” Our familiarity with the saying does not ...
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Why Microplastic Pollution is Still Fashion’s Concern

Although numerous residents of New Jersey are still openly bemoaning the plastic bag ban that took effect in May, millions of people around the globe ...
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Sustaining Profitability and the Environment: A Retail Necessity

Industry Reality Check To set the context for new emerging retail crises, allow me to set up the situation we find ourselves in as a ...
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Five Malls That Are Hitting It Out of the Park

So far, malls have not had an easy year – but some shopping centers have managed to thrive despite the category’s wider challenges. We looked ...
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There’s a New Miracle on 34th Street

It has been my habit to try to visit Macy’s in Herald Square whenever I am in the area: from the time I was a ...
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Is the Time Right for a North American Supply Chain?

Powerful forces are weighing on existing supply chains. We needn’t look far to notice the effects that shipping delays, rising costs, geopolitical headwinds, climate instability, ...
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