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The New Retail Space Race

All you contrarians unite: Store-based retail is very much alive — even on fire. In fact, according to real estate services firm CBRE, the rate of ...
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Aldi: The Little Store That Could

When it opened its first American store in March of 1976, both shoppers and the grocery industry, in general, must have been a bit befuddled ...
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Reverse Engineering Is the Future of Retail Planning

For decades retailers have been managing their merchandise assortment, planning, and allocations based on prior sales numbers, emerging trends, store profiling, and overall demand. With ...
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Fashion Specialty Stores Caught in a Squeeze Play

Fashion specialty stores are caught in a squeeze play. Blame it on the democratization of fashion. But there’s also the proliferation of ecommerce with over ...
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They Paved Paradise and Put Up a Retail Parking Lot

This might come as a surprise to New Yorkers who are constantly on the prowl for a choice parking spot – an aspect of Big ...
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AI and the Law Team Up Against Organized Crime

Shoplifting, shrink, or shrinkage in retail is not new, however, the insurgence of organized crime is. Fueled by the large-scale, untraceable “fencing” of stolen goods ...
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Recurate Builds a Sustainable Bridge

“Climate change is literally an existential threat to our nation and to the world,” declared President Biden in an address about a year ago at ...
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When Does Crime Prevention Turn into Sales Prevention?

We all know about Amazon’s just-walk-out format. And just-in-time supply chain systems have been the rage for decades. Now, welcome to just-say-no retailing. It’s a ...
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