Arick Wierson

Arick is a versatile writer. Yes, he knows retail – midway through his career, he started and ran the largest fashion mall in Angola. And way, way back, when he was still completing his Master’s degree in economics in Brazil, he worked as a sought after fashion, runway and television model for some of the biggest brands across South America including Gatorade, General Motors, Hugo Boss and countless others.

Over the years Arick has racked up an amazingly diverse array of experiences and accomplishments that span many sectors and industries. He helped Mike Bloomberg get elected mayor of New York City in 2001, running his campaign’s field operations. He later became a film and TV producer, creating content for PBS and NBC which earned him 29 Emmy nominations and 6 Emmy Awards. He worked as an investment banker at JP Morgan and as a political consultant to several heads of state and even a pair of monarchs. Nowadays he is often on TV at CNN where he offers his takes on global and domestic political issues, or you can check out his regular column that he writes for Newsweek Magazine. Arick keeps retailers  tuned in to the macroeconomic, political, cultural and technological shifts that move the industry, oftentimes in unexpected ways. He is based in Minneapolis.

10 Global Retailers Worth Watching

Not Your Usual Suspects: 10 Global Retailers Worth Watching

With the specter of inflation seemingly tamed and the prospect of the U.S. Federal Reserve lowering interest rates as many as three times throughout 2024, ...
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Self-Checkout is dying

Self-Checkout is Dying. Hallelujah!

Whether we were aware of it or not, over the past decade or so consumers in just about every Western industrialized country have been unwitting ...
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Retail Gas Stations Under Assault!

From the Atlantic to the Pacific, nothing punctuates the American roadside landscape more than the traditional retail gas station – except perhaps for the automobiles ...
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The AR Revolution in Retail Is (Almost) Here

Augmented Reality (AR) is emerging as a game-changing technology in the retail sector with the promise of revolutionizing the way consumers interact with brands and ...
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The Birkenstock IPO Flop

Despite all the pre-IPO hype that the listing of Birkenstock shares would rival the meteoric launches of other household footwear names like Nike, Crocs, and ...
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Best Buy Sounds the Death Knell for DVD and Blu-ray

After the upcoming holidays, around the time when retailers bid goodbye to garlands, Christmas décor and the occasional Menorah, Best Buy will be removing DVDs ...
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Gen Z Speaks a Different Language

I know we all have enough acronyms and abbreviations in our lives already. Talking via Whatsapp over the past couple of months to my 18-year-old ...
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America Isn’t Ready to Say Goodbye to Tupperware…Just Yet

Way back in May of this year – I know that’s only a few months ago but with the entirety of summer sandwiched in between ...
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