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Is Sonia Syngal Gap’s Fourth “Hail Mary?”

Mickey Drexler left the helm of Gap in 2002, after he had guided it through almost two decades of meteoric growth from $480 million in ...
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Ulta and Sephora Break into the Big Boxes

America’s beauty queens, Ulta and Sephora, have been going head-to-head in the U.S. market since Ulta launched in 1990, and Sephora opened its first store ...
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The Challenges of Change Management

In the workplace, everyone experiences change. How we experience it can vary greatly. Over the many years of my career, I have been a recipient ...
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SaksWorks and SPARC: Victims of Fatal Attractions

I’m not quite sure where I want to go with this. I think we may wind up with many more questions than answers. However, one ...
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Leadership in an Evolving Pandemic

Leading in a Time of Ambiguity Living though a pandemic is shadowed by nearly constant uncertainty.  We take three steps forward, two sideways and unfortunately, ...
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Forever 21: Third Try in China, Charmed or Strikeout?

On October 9, 2019, I wrote Forever 21: Cut Your Losses and Die Happily and predicted Forever 21’s demise, and why.  And predictably, they slipped ...
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Saks\’ Bold Move

When news broke recently that HBC was splitting Saks Fifth Avenue into two, spinning off its ecommerce business from its brick-and-mortar stores, speculation swirled about ...
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CSR in the Age of Transparency

I read great reviews of the film The Summer of Soul, a documentary directed by Questlove, known to many as the bandleader of The Roots, ...
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