Dana Wood

Dana Wood has been writing about alpha hydroxy acids, tinted moisturizer, and deep conditioner for decades — and she’s more than okay with that. Kicking off her career as a cub reporter on the beauty desk of WWD, she logged 20 years at Condé Nast, overseeing the beauty departments of three publications. In the middle of that glossy mag stint, she decamped to L’Oréal, as AVP Strategic Development for the French beauty behemoth’s Luxe division. In that role, she was tasked with trend analysis, copywriting and providing research support for pivotal American indie brand acquisitions. (Bonjour, Kiehl’s!) Since relocating from NYC to Florida, she has written extensively for The Wall Street Journal and Alexa, the luxury style section of The New York Post. In addition to The Robin Report, she’s a regular contributor to BeautyMatter and Insider’s Guide to Spas. When not at her desk, she can be found cursing herself on the tennis courts of The Racquet Club of St. Pete.

R.I.P.– Bankrupt Brands Spell Trouble for Beauty

Call it the Great Reckoning. After a few consecutive years of suspiciously explosive growth in the indie beauty scene, an era when virtually everyone you ...
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Avon Makes a Play for Next Gens with Next-Gen Tech

When does a promotion feel less like a promotion, and more like the ultimate uphill battle? That’s what it feels like when you’re given the ...
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Natura Punts The Body Shop to Aurelius for $254M

A key mistake for the Body Shop was a lack of innovation and evolution. Sure, when it made its debut in the 70s, its cleaned-up ...
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Why Red-Hot Cannabis Beauty Failed

It isn’t particularly scientific, but with just a cursory search of my inbox, I can legit report on trends within the beauty industry. And what ...
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e.l.f. on a Meteoric Trajectory

Multiple birds, one stone. In snapping up Naturium Skincare for $355 million in cash and stock, e.l.f. Beauty furthered its agenda in a number of ...
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Kim & Coty: Kim Kardashian Moves to Reclaim Coty’s Stake in SKKN BY KIM

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The 20 Million Dollar Man: Johnny Depp Re-Ups With Dior Sauvage

It must feel pretty great to be Johnny Depp right about now. Not only was the heavily tattooed, 59-year-old bad boy lavished with a raucous, ...
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Nailed It

This one’s definitely for the “why hasn’t anyone done this yet?” files: After logging decades as arguably the top nail pro on the red carpet ...
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