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Generation Alpha

Generation Alpha Comes of Age in the Workforce

Read on to learn how generative AI and the fact that Generation Alpha has now come of age are heralding unprecedented changes in the workforce.
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Now Wendy’s Has to Eat Its Words on Pricing Snafu

Read more about the pricing snafu that forced Wendy's to eat its words and other retail management mistakes that had a big impact on business. ...
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Ben Francis: Gymshark’s Owner Is Britain’s Youngest Billionaire

Learn more about British entrepreneur Ben Francis, the creation of athleisure giant, Gymshark and its rise to power.
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DEI in Retail

DEI in Retail

Amidst layoffs and public scrutiny, DEI in Retail is undergoing reassessment as companies navigate complexities. Read on to learn more about balancing advocacy with profitability. ...
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Pet Business

Is the Pet Business Going to the Dogs?

How much is that doggie in the window? Probably less than it was two years ago…maybe a lot less. During the worst of the pandemic, ...
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VF’s New CEO

VF’s New CEO, Bracken Darrell: “It’s a Strategic Thing”  

VF has been on a spree. In 2004, it paid $396 million for lifestyle brand Vans. They purchased bootmaker, Timberland, for $2 billion in 2011, ...
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10 Global Retailers Worth Watching

Not Your Usual Suspects: 10 Global Retailers Worth Watching

With the specter of inflation seemingly tamed and the prospect of the U.S. Federal Reserve lowering interest rates as many as three times throughout 2024, ...
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The New DTC: Unraveling Showfields and Neighborhood Goods

The New DTC Is Directionless to Consumer

In the end, Showfields and Neighborhood Goods billed themselves as department stores, and they did what so many department stores have done: They went out ...
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