Shelley E. Kohan

Retail expert Shelley is a TRR writer, Associate Professor FIT, podcast host RetailUnwrapped, and senior contributor at She is a Top 100 Global Retail Influencer, professor, podcaster, retail pundit, and speaker. Having grown up in Japan, Iran, Germany, and the U.S. Shelley has a unique perspective on people and places. Led by curiosity and a genuine interest in learning, she sees herself as a retail warrior with an insatiable passion for the industry. She literally eats, drinks, and sleeps retail.

Fashion Specialty Stores Caught in a Squeeze Play

Fashion specialty stores are caught in a squeeze play. Blame it on the democratization of fashion. But there’s also the proliferation of ecommerce with over ...
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Retail Healthcare Expands

Well-being is more than a slogan. It’s becoming a consumer mandate for convenient, affordable care. Healthcare providers have responded with a range of options. On ...
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Gender-Fluid Fashion Goes Mainstream

These days some retailers find themselves being unwittingly thrown into the political and human rights arena. If a retailer decides to carry merchandise that is ...
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Reimagining Retail’s Future

The future of retail will be shaped by a hybrid shopping model based on the new normal of highly interconnected experiences that serve specific target ...
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Quiet Quitting Is a Clear Call to Repair Employee Engagement

Quiet quitting has become a growing phenomenon thanks in part to social media, with TikTok and YouTube among the biggest influencers. But before we embark ...
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The New Rules of Work

Striking the right balance between asking workers to return to the office and providing opportunities for work-at-home has become a challenge for corporate retail executives. ...
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Retail’s Growing Channel…Recommerce

Although companies have been talking about sustainability and the circular economy for years, and retailers have been trying to make the production process more sustainable, ...
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Old Anti-Union Tactics Will Not Work with Today’s Workforce

Amazon workers’ recent warehouse unionization win Is one small step for workers and one giant leap for labor unions. Christian Smalls, a former Amazon employee ...
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