Customer Experience in a Multichannel World

By Amy Klaris and Greg Ellis

Best Practices from Kurt Salmon

The Customer Experience Imperative In Kurt Salmon’s recent conversations with leading retailers, two topics come up repeatedly: customer experience and multichannel. Over the past decade, the two concepts have broadened in definition and become inextricably linked. More importantly, retailers increasingly understand that they must address both in order to win in today’s new retail environment.

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Over the last century, the retail industry has experienced dramatic changes. In the beginning, consumer demand far outpaced producer supply. After World War II, the tide began to shift as manufacturing and distribution significantly expanded.
Now the consumer has the power.

Today a shopper can find essentially the same product in many different retail outlets. She can quickly find out where she can buy the product and where she can get the best price. She can have that product brought to her and taken away if it doesn’t work. Then she can easily tell all her friends about the great deal she found and the great experience she had.

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