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20231207 Kohls 2

Can Tom Kingsbury Really Fix Kohl’s?

It may be hard to believe, but Kohl’s was once the darling of the retail world, expanding at a frantic pace to go national while ...
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Is Nordstrom in the Vortex of Deflating Value?

It’s not surprising that without enough strategic foresight, Nordstrom would default to its “lowest hanging fruit,” and apparently its easiest path to growth — the ...
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20231205 Product Placement

Product Placements on Steroids

Product placement in film and television has changed drastically and the demand for these story-driven products is stronger than ever. A recent study by BENLabs ...
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20231204 BodyShop 1

Natura Punts The Body Shop to Aurelius for $254M

A key mistake for the Body Shop was a lack of innovation and evolution. Sure, when it made its debut in the 70s, its cleaned-up ...
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20231130 Alvanon

Welcome to the 3D Century

If you’re looking for a quick way to become an overnight expert on 3D and emerging technologies in the fashion retail industry, check out the ...
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20231129 Arhaus

Arhaus: Reversing the Luxury Home Recession Trend

The U.S. luxury market is rapidly falling into a recession (if it isn’t already there), according to Chandler Mount, founder of the Affluent Consumer Research ...
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20231128 Ikea

The AR Revolution in Retail Is (Almost) Here

Augmented Reality (AR) is emerging as a game-changing technology in the retail sector with the promise of revolutionizing the way consumers interact with brands and ...
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20231127 Lechery

Vyra Scher: A Startup Entrepreneur Overcoming the Odds

Today’s emerging brand founders face challenges around every corner. Vyra Scher is a transgender woman who faced multiple traumas in founding her startup hosiery and ...
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