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Price gouging 1

The Fallout: Retailers and CPG Price Gouging

FTC report exposes price gouging in pandemic. Kroger, Albertsons face merger scrutiny. Urgent need for transparency, fair pricing, and trust rebuilding.
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Liquid death

Liquid Death Sparkling Water is a Billion Dollar Elixir

Liquid Death: From water to billion-dollar brand. Gen Z allure, eco-packaging, and rebellious marketing redefine beverage industry norms.
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Brandy Melville, or Hellville?

Brandy Melville CEO enforces narrow beauty standards, amid controversies. Sales soar, revealing dark side of fast fashion.
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Dollar Tree Closing

Dollar Tree Closing Spree

Let’s play a little Dialing for Dollars; the big picture is about Dollar Tree closing. Today’s question is: Why did Dollar Tree decide to close ...
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Retail using tech

The Next Wave of Retail Disruption

Explore how retailers leverage tech for seamless experiences, to avoid retail disruption like Kohl's missed RFID opportunity costing millions.
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Saudi Arabia

Move Over Dubai, Saudi Arabia Is Taking Center World Stage

Discover the rapid rise of Saudi Arabia on the global stage, with mega projects reshaping its image. From sports to luxury, a new world hub ...
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Retail Vendor Portal

A Retail Vendor Portal Built on Trust

If you visualize the future, chances are you don’t see it as a triangle. But look again. Think of the three sides as the weight ...
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LVMH’s Next Step to Shape Pop Culture

Learn more about how luxury brand LVMH is aiming to shape pop culture
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