Pam Danziger

I always wanted to be a mystery writer following in the footsteps of Agatha Christie, Dorothy Sayers, Josephine Tey, Ellis Peters, Ngaio Marsh and Elizabeth George. A love of reading caused me to pursue an undergraduate degree in English Literature, then life got in the way after I began my graduate studies, so I took a break.

A decade of managing information centers for three companies followed, then a lateral shift into market research and setting up my company, Unity Marketing, to help unite marketers with their target customers through research information. That caused me to focus on the affluent consumers who generate over 60 percent of all spending, and the luxury market, which is largely their exclusive province.

Long story short, this led to my work with Robin Lewis and The Robin Report. Endlessly curious, I use a detective’s Means, Motive and Opportunity approach to solve the market mystery by collecting clues from interviews with subjects and conducting formal research. Then, I delight in weaving a story together to inform our readers so they can profit from the learning.

In my spare time, I write books, including Why People Buy Things They Don’t Need, Putting the Luxury Back In Luxury, Shops that POP! and my latest with co-author Ken Rohl, The Corporateneur Plan: Your Roadmap from Midcareer Professional to Entrepreneur. It’s reached Amazon best-seller status in Business Mentoring and Coaching, Self-Employment and Knowledge Capital– something I’m especially proud of –  and it gets honorable mention in Free Enterprise and Capitalism too.

Paco is author of multiple global bestselling books – including Why We Buy:  The Science of Shopping published in 27 languages and used in design schools and MBA programs all over the world.  Other books include Call of the Mall, What Women Want, and How We Eat – The Brave New World of Food and Drink.

Retail Thieves Leave Retailers Holding an Empty Bag

After all the troubles retailers have had to contend with post-pandemic, including supply chain snafus, store staff gone MIA, rising interest rates, and inflation hitting ...
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Retailers: Get Ready for the Weather to Turn

For some 300 years, people have relied upon low-tech barometers to predict weather changes measured by the air pressure. When air pressure is high, it ...
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An Enlightened Neiman Marcus Group Workforce Ethos

Since Neiman Marcus Group filed for bankruptcy in May 2020 and emerged four months later with $4 billion in debt, it has largely gone off ...
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Innovations in Smart Checkout

Innovations in Smart Checkout

Nobody likes waiting in line for a checkout lane to open. No one likes waiting in line, period. Self-checkout was supposed to solve for that, ...
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Recurate Builds a Sustainable Bridge

“Climate change is literally an existential threat to our nation and to the world,” declared President Biden in an address about a year ago at ...
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Victoria’s Secret Expands on Amazon: Why?

Following an abysmal first quarter 2023 earnings report, Victoria’s Secret dropped another bombshell announcing it is expanding bra and panty distribution on Amazon. With an ongoing slide in ...
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Tommy John

Tommy John: Poster Child for Innovation

Legendary management guru W. Edwards Deming famously said, “In God we trust. All others must bring data.” That’s particularly germane in these confounding times when ...
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Virginia Drosos Inspires Brilliance at Signet

“Signet is a company transformed.” That was the message that CEO Virginia Drosos delivered at Signet Jewelers’ first investor day presentation since pre-pandemic 2019. “Signet’s ...
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