Jasmine Glasheen

Jasmine Glasheen is a go-to retail and SaaS Content Strategist. With over a decade of thought leadership for top-tier retail news sites and fashion publications, she’s the powerhouse behind custom content strategies, blogs, and whitepapers for retail-adjacent businesses. Glasheen is a frequent public speaker and podcast guest, sharing insights on generational purchasing behavior for clients including Perry Ellis International, NRF, Ohio State University, NYIT, Syracuse University, ASD Market Week, and many others. In the Wild West of SEO and AI-generated content, Glasheen doesn’t just navigate – she conquers. She likens the AI revolution to the eCommerce boom of the early aughts: “You either adapt or get bowled over by the tides of change.”

What The Taylor Swift Effect Tells Us About Branding

“The T Swift Effect” aka “The Taylor Effect” sounds like a seismic happening. If Taylor Swift has ever held a concert in your town, or ...
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REI and Dove Are Changing the Next-Gen Social Media Crisis

When did social media stop feeling like an option and start feeling like a responsibility? Few members of Generation Z and Gen Alpha, which include ...
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What Does TikTok Shop Mean for Ecommerce?

Brands currently spend $78.45 billion in video ads each year. The short-form video hosting service, TikTok, is making strides to secure its slice of the ...
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Online Marketplaces Attract Gen Z

Variety may be the spice of life, but is it the future of online shopping? Signs point to yes: Online retail marketplace sales in the ...
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Online DTC Sales Way Behind Established Brands

Established brands will comprise 79.4 percent of DTC ecommerce sales this year. And that’s not their only advantage: well-known, legacy brands will also grow nine ...
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Gen Z Fashion Looks from the Belly of the Beast

Gen Z fashion is a contentious topic. Even the question of whether social media has made Gen Z the most trend-conscious, or the most trend-immune ...
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Generation Z Entrepreneurs Highlight Style Bundles

One would think that personal styling would fall by the wayside during a time of economic uncertainty. It seems like this would be particularly true ...
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How Can Retailers Attract the Digital Generation?

When did a career in retail become so unappealing for young folks? Twenty years ago, a position in frontline retail was one of the best ...
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