Jasmine Glasheen

Jasmine Glasheen is a go-to retail and SaaS Content Strategist. With over a decade of thought leadership for top-tier retail news sites and fashion publications, she’s the powerhouse behind custom content strategies, blogs, and whitepapers for retail-adjacent businesses. Glasheen is a frequent public speaker and podcast guest, sharing insights on generational purchasing behavior for clients including Perry Ellis International, NRF, Ohio State University, NYIT, Syracuse University, ASD Market Week, and many others. In the Wild West of SEO and AI-generated content, Glasheen doesn’t just navigate – she conquers. She likens the AI revolution to the eCommerce boom of the early aughts: “You either adapt or get bowled over by the tides of change.”

Where Curbside Pickup Goes Wrong

Curbside pickup at many major retailers isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Yet this hasn’t prevented customers from using the service during Covid-19. The ...
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What to Do About Gen Z’s Consumer Power

Generation Z never did what marketers told them to. This is especially true when it comes to where they spend their hard-earned cash during a ...
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Finally…The Death of Fast Fashion

Fast fashion was the trend that wouldn’t die. While consumers were concerned about product quality, as well as the environmental and ethical issues surrounding the ...
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Brands Masterfully Navigating the Social Issues of Our Time

The urban and suburban landscapes are becoming increasingly surreal. Thousands of retail store closures and Main Street vacancies are sweeping the nation, as coronavirus pulverizes ...
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Best-Selling Product Categories of Conscious Capitalism

Need something to restore your faith in humanity during this time of global chaos? You might be surprised to learn that data from research firms ...
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A New Breed of Influencers Emerge During Covid-19

“Influencer” has become a dirty word. Brands were slowly gravitating from macro to micro influencers before the pandemic. But “Covidiot” influencers such as Arielle Charnas––who ...
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What DTC Home Brands Need to Do Differently

It sounded like the perfect retail model. Brandless was the brand that wasn’t a brand with a direct-to-consumer, product-centric sales strategy. For the first two ...
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Which Retailers Alienated Consumers During Covid Shutdowns?

Oh, yes. It’s callout time. Deloitte spoke to “The Great Retail Bifurcation” well before the Covid crisis. But, since Covid spread to the Western world, ...
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