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Imagine Robin Lewis: author; visionary, retail guru and founder/CEO of The Robin Report, enjoying a martini at Louis Backyard, way down in Key West. That’s the picture of a totally relaxed man and his pup. This is where he loves to write and would welcome all retail and brand executives for a slowed-down chat about what they need to do to be successful. So, come on down to the Conch Republic, as the locals call it. And you might not ever want to leave.

Is Nordstrom in the Vortex of Deflating Value?

It’s not surprising that without enough strategic foresight, Nordstrom would default to its “lowest hanging fruit,” and apparently its easiest path to growth — the ...
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Amazon Dumps Yet Another Failed Brick-and-Mortar Experiment

Here’s a glimpse of a strategic disaster. I gave Amazon CEO, Andy Jassy, kudos as he took the top job as, in my opinion, Amazon ...
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Is Toys”R”Us a Rising Phoenix Metaphor?

Let’s speculate about Geoffrey, the lovable giraffe-like “mascot” of the once category-killer Toys”R”Us stores. To review, the brand went public in 1978, and during the ...
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Gap Can’t Win When It’s Always Déjà Vu

I was reluctant to write this article, only because I was getting kind of bored being TRR’s Chief Critic Officer railing against Gap Inc’s serial ...
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Marc Rosen Is a Retail Radical Award Winner: SPARC Is Not

 I would love nothing more than to disagree with Nick Egelanian, president of retail development firm SiteWorks. He was quoted in Retail Dive about JCPenney’s ...
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Will Forever 21 Drag Down Shein?

On October 9, 2019, I wrote Forever 21: Cut Your Losses and Die Happily predicting Forever 21’s demise, and why. Predictably, they slipped into bankruptcy. However, they ...
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Earth to Best Buy: Resurrect Your One-Upmanship Over Apple

Best Buy has gone through several strategic iterations not only to survive but also to flourish. CEO Corie Barry (since 2019) succeeded Hubert Joly following ...
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Coach and Michael Kors: An Eddie Lampert Echo?

Oh noooo! Are we going there again? No, I’m not going back to my years of ranting about Eddie Lampert, the brilliant financier who acquired ...
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