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Untuckit Greatness Wins

UNTUCKit Founder Hopes Lightning Strikes Twice

During the Covid pandemic shutdown with his company’s business put on hold, UNTUCKit’s founder Chris Riccobono got an unexpected gift. He used his newfound time to incubate a new business concept to disrupt a stagnating product category following the same

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20231206 Nordstrom 1

Nordstrom Rack: Chasing Growth Before Success

Between 2008 and 2018, Nordstrom Rack grew at an extraordinary pace. In that 10-year span, Nordstrom’s off-price revenue more than quadrupled as the retailer rapidly expanded the Rack store base and pushed into e-commerce to meet growing demand for value

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GenZ fashion 2

Gen Z Fashion Looks from the Belly of the Beast

Gen Z fashion is a contentious topic. Even the question of whether social media has made Gen Z the most trend-conscious, or the most trend-immune generation, is constantly up for debate. The Zoomer generation’s dedication to uniqueness has made sourcing

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Craftsmanship 1

Beyond Craftsmanship: A New Business Model

One of the core issues in international marketing is whether the luxury fashion sector can be truly sustainable. And if so, are there luxury product development and manufacturing business models that are weaving ESG/CSR objectives into their daily operations? When

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shopping paris

Retail in Paris, London, and Milan Beset with Problems

Here’s the million-dollar question: Are three major UK and EU shopping cities outdated and irrelevant for retail tourism? We’re talking London, Paris, and Milan. And what happened to the flocks of Asian shopping tourists that have kept these cities’ economies

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230928 Emerging Fashiontech

Emerging Fashiontech Revitalizes the Runway

At Milan’s Fashion Week this past February, Hong Kong-Japanese fashion label Anteprima showcased knitted garments and a handbag composed of glowing, color-changing fiber-optic-based textiles. The designs had embedded sensors that detected gestures and motions, changing the textile’s colors and patterns

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230914 Retail Thieves

Retail Thieves Leave Retailers Holding an Empty Bag

After all the troubles retailers have had to contend with post-pandemic, including supply chain snafus, store staff gone MIA, rising interest rates, and inflation hitting 40-year highs that cut shoppers’ ability to spend, there’s another challenge to contend with organized

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david solce cj RcA 5Hw0 unsplash

The New Retail Space Race

All you contrarians unite: Store-based retail is very much alive — even on fire. In fact, according to real estate services firm CBRE, the rate of available retail real estate fell to 4.8 percent in the second quarter, the lowest level

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230912 Guyana

Guyana: An Emerging Global Retail Hub

Note: This is part one of an ongoing series on emerging retail economies. Just off the North Coast of South America, tucked in between Venezuela, Brazil, and Surinam, lies Guyana, a former English colony. Although its capital, Georgetown, has a

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