Shelley E. Kohan

Retail expert Shelley is a TRR writer, Associate Professor FIT, podcast host RetailUnwrapped, and senior contributor at She is a Top 100 Global Retail Influencer, professor, podcaster, retail pundit, and speaker. Having grown up in Japan, Iran, Germany, and the U.S. Shelley has a unique perspective on people and places. Led by curiosity and a genuine interest in learning, she sees herself as a retail warrior with an insatiable passion for the industry. She literally eats, drinks, and sleeps retail.

Old Anti-Union Tactics Will Not Work with Today’s Workforce

Amazon workers’ recent warehouse unionization win Is one small step for workers and one giant leap for labor unions. Christian Smalls, a former Amazon employee ...
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How Target Hit $106 Billion in Revenue

Target’s yearly results are nothing short of amazing, hitting $106 billion in revenue as part of the pantheon of the largest retailers in the U.S. ...
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Power Plays

We’ve heard it, seen it, and are experiencing it as a customer or retail management. The employee is calling the shots. There’s a great power ...
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America’s Great Service Crisis

Even before the pandemic hit the U.S. market, customer service has been on a decline. Looking back over the past year and half, America\’s “Great ...
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Don’t Lose Your Customers Over Credit Card Fees

It all started with gasoline stations and small businesses– you remember, the percent added to sales purchases that is passed on from the retailer to ...
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The Direct-to-Consumer Model Is no Retail Panacea

The academician in me needs to clear up some persisting confusion about direct to consumer (DTC) — even for those working in retail. DTC was ...
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The Point of No Return

The cost of returns is estimated at $550 billion for 2020 and the number of online returns has more than doubled. In 2020, the pandemic ...
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The New Chief Marketing Officer

The average age of a CMO is 52 for the consumer industry segment — and the CMO position has the shortest tenure of all C-suite ...
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