Arick Wierson

Arick is a versatile writer. Yes, he knows retail – midway through his career, he started and ran the largest fashion mall in Angola. And way, way back, when he was still completing his Master’s degree in economics in Brazil, he worked as a sought after fashion, runway and television model for some of the biggest brands across South America including Gatorade, General Motors, Hugo Boss and countless others.

Over the years Arick has racked up an amazingly diverse array of experiences and accomplishments that span many sectors and industries. He helped Mike Bloomberg get elected mayor of New York City in 2001, running his campaign’s field operations. He later became a film and TV producer, creating content for PBS and NBC which earned him 29 Emmy nominations and 6 Emmy Awards. He worked as an investment banker at JP Morgan and as a political consultant to several heads of state and even a pair of monarchs. Nowadays he is often on TV at CNN where he offers his takes on global and domestic political issues, or you can check out his regular column that he writes for Newsweek Magazine. Arick keeps retailers  tuned in to the macroeconomic, political, cultural and technological shifts that move the industry, oftentimes in unexpected ways. He is based in Minneapolis.

Guyana: An Emerging Global Retail Hub

Note: This is part one of an ongoing series on emerging retail economies. Just off the North Coast of South America, tucked in between Venezuela, ...
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Ten Major Consumer Trends Will Dominate the Retailosphere

As sure as the leaves begin to change from their verdant summer hue into a medley of autumn gold, orange, and brown — and as ...
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They Paved Paradise and Put Up a Retail Parking Lot

This might come as a surprise to New Yorkers who are constantly on the prowl for a choice parking spot – an aspect of Big ...
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Target’s Big Fail

In today’s world, where corporate responsibility, culture wars, and social progress are more or less bound to become intertwined strands of any major national discussion, ...
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Securing America’s Killing Fields

It’s gotten to the point that reports about mass shootings are almost a weekly occurrence on the nightly newscasts. Seemingly, no public or even semi-public ...
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The 11 Most Frequent Forms of Retail Employee Fraud in 2023

Let’s be honest – when it comes to retail fraud, the online world grabs all the attention – and probably justifiably so. In 2022, losses ...
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TikTok Retail Marketing at Risk

Digital marketers in the retail industry have been thrown into a state of flux in recent days with news emerging that regulators in Congress and ...
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ChatGPT: More Friend than Foe for Retail Marketers

It’s not an easy time to be a marketer or PR professional, particularly in the retail sector. Despite years of denial in which communicators wantonly ...
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