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\"DonaldAmerica loves fighters. America loves winners. And America loves fighters and winners even more passionately when they represent the underdogs. Does Donald Trump come to mind, not as an underdog himself, but someone who represents them? And guess what? A fighter-and-winner does not necessarily need to be a nice guy. Think Hulk Hogan, the famous, feared and nastiest champion wrestler of all times. Picture him in the ring after pummeling his opponent into the mat, arms victoriously pumping straight up in the air as fans are cheering hysterically, many also pumping their arms up in a salute to his win.

Trump is no chump. You poke him, he pokes back harder. And “Mr. Nice Guy?” Fuhgeddaboudit! Take a shot at Mexican immigrants, Meghan Kelly, war hero John McCain and Carly Fiorina? Boom, bam, knock ‘em down. If they poke back, it’s like hitting the Hulk with a fly swatter. And the fans, now in the thousands and growing, are going wild in the stands. Those Americans love him because he’s a fighter and they believe he’s a winner. And they love him even more because they are the underdogs and he has given them a voice.

These Trump-Americans, possibly the American majority, feel they have been the underdogs since the turn of the century. They’ve been silently boiling underneath the surface. They believe the government is broken and has done nothing for them. Out of patriotism, a lot of their kids enlisted and ended up fighting in wars that were questionable and which we ultimately lost. Many died, many more came back significantly wounded. These Trump-Americans hate the “elites” with power and wealth who keep getting more of both while their standard of living declines. Yes, these are the boiling mad underdogs that Trump called the new “silent majority.” But today he said, “It’s not silent. Maybe we should call it the noisy, aggressive, want-to-win majority.” He shouts this out, surrounded by thousands of screaming, saluting underdogs.

The crowds get bigger. The screaming and cheering get louder. The pumping salutes for victory get stronger. Trump is listening. Trump is observing. Trump is thinking, “I am a winner. I am unbeatable. These people love me. They want even more of my power. All the other candidates are weak and part of the same old machine these people have grown to despise. They want me to do all the things I’m promising. Wow, I really believe I can do it.”

Here comes the surge. Trump powers upward, fueled by ever increasing energy from his fans and his own ego.

For years and years, these Trump-Americans have silently and slowly grown to hate what has been an ever-growing level of “political correctness” and an establishment predicated on this is “just the way things are.” They face declining wages in the face of the rich getting richer and endless meaningless wars, while America (in their minds) has been viewed by the rest of the world as powerless with a leadership position in the world that is failing, if not already lost.

The slogan on Trump’s campaign hat says it all: Make America Great Again. These so-called silent underdogs remember a great America. And they want it back. Their fearless, sometimes nasty fighter, who is a proven winner (in their view), promises to bring it all back. To do so, “champion” Trump is beating on the establishment, the elites, the politically correct weaklings, lobbyists … you name it. He will knock down anything that gets in his way along with the underdogs he is leading so he can make America Great Again, as defined by him and his followers. And we likely will not know what the defining elements of “great” are until he is elected.

He is in a rarefied position. He doesn’t need to develop or talk about what his political positions or policies will be. He may do so in vague language, but that satisfies his growing number of fans who believe they have heard nothing from the “establishment” but lies and has seen nothing accomplished for as long as they can remember. Trump is not stupid. He knows his fans are more interested in hearing how he is going to break (and pummel) all that needs to be broken before understanding how he will re-create the greatness of America as envisioned by Trump and his followers.

As the crowds and cheers grow, and as the “salutes” get more pronounced and energetic, and as these Americans march in lockstep with Trump, flags waving gloriously in the wind, in my opinion, Donald Trump will all but be anointed as the Republican party’s nominee to run for the office of the President of the United States.

The only hedge on my bet is that he may not ultimately win over the full majority of Americans. But, in my opinion, so far he seems to be doing it handily.

Footnote: America gets what America is.

This article represents my personal opinion and prediction. It does not necessarily represent my desire or the desire of The Robin Report.



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