Retail Trends Luncheon – October 2, 2012 – New York Hilton – New York City

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Ron Johnson On The Rocky Road to Reinventing Retail

\"RRGet behind-the-scenes insights on one of the most talked-about retail stories today. Join us in a conversation with Ron Johnson, CEO of JC Penney, about how he envisions changing the traditional retail paradigm. More than just the transformation of JC Penney, more than re-defining department stores, more than innovative initiatives alone, Johnson’s vision is of a fundamentally new way to elevate value, to communicate, present and ultimately connect with consumers in such a compelling way that they will re-define their own idea of a “store,” rather as an exciting, fun, enjoyable experience that they can’t wait to go to. Ron Johnson’s presentation will be followed by a provocative Q/A conversation with Robin Lewis. Ron Johnson On The Rocky Road to Reinventing Retail, is hosted by the Fashion Group International.

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