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Heads Up! Your deadline to join 10,000 meetings at Shoptalk is Friday at 5:00 PM. If you work for a retailer or brand and want to meet eight interesting new potential partners–including startup tech companies transforming the world of retail–and come away with new business ideas and contacts, you\’d better get moving. Friday is the last day to do just that by joining the full experience of Shoptalk\’s Hosted Retailers & Brands Program. And by the way, this program gets you a free Shoptalk ticket and up to $1,000 in travel as well.

In less than 45 days, more than 1,250 individuals from 500 retailers and brands will join over 10,000 one-to-one, 15-minute meetings onsite at Shoptalk. Brands range from Adidas to Zappos, with hundreds of iconic names in between. In short, this is the retail industry\’s largest meetings program–globally–and an incredible opportunity to broaden your knowledge and contacts as a retailer or brand, free of any cost to your company.

Join & Bring Your Team

If you think Shoptalk\’s Hosted Program is like any other meetings program out there, you\’d better think again.

  • First, all your meetings are double opt-in. As a retailer or brand, you get to choose and prioritize who you want to meet from a long list of over 400 tech and other companies that have potential to add value to your objectives. Curious how AI might solve your problems and improve your customer experience? Then simply select AI companies to meet with.
  • Second, you\’ll get a ton of information on each company so you can target your selections, including, in many cases, individualized reasons why those companies think you should meet with them.

This is why so many retailers and brands have joined Shoptalk\’s Hosted Program, and also why many are sending entire teams to Shoptalk as part of the program.

In a World of Analog Events, Shoptalk is Digital

Shoptalk\’s entire Hosted Program experience is powered by proprietary technology and algorithms developed specifically for the retail industry that enable relevant and intimate conversations at unprecedented, huge scale.

Programs like this make Shoptalk special because they allow for an experience that perfectly balances learning and education, collaborating with people you know as well as people you should know, and discovering new tech companies and other potential vendors to transform your business.

Retailers and brands give the Hosted Program rave reviews as evidenced by its staggering NPS (Net Promoter Score) of over 60–a figure that\’s virtually unheard of in events. This is the future of event models, available to you today.

Shoptalk\’s Hosted Program Has Redefined the Retail Events Landscape

Shoptalk delivers a completely different experience from every other retail event on the planet, and this meetings program is one of its key differentiators … plus it\’s a major factor in the meteoric rise of Shoptalk.

Retail needs extensive and meaningful collaboration to co-create its future, not just vast halls lined with booths at trade shows. Shoptalk transforms the experience. While Shoptalk has plenty of booths, it also focuses on targeted programs that curate real dialogue for retailers and brands that gets them out of their comfort zones to expand their knowledge base while meeting new people.

According to Anil Aggarwal, Founder and CEO of Shoptalk: \”As everyone now knows, retail is in a state of long-term transition. Our meetings program is the biggest meetings program in the world for retail and central to the industry working together to shape its future. The program has grown quickly–from 2,000 meetings to 10,000 meetings in 24 months–because those who participate find it incredibly useful.\”

We all know that meeting the right people for the right dialogue at the right time can change everything, so make sure you\’re a part of the conversation. And don\’t miss Friday\’s deadline!

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