It Matters Not Who Won

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\"it-matters-not-who-won-final\"It matters not who won. The cloud that hangs where the sun should be shining does not cast gloom over who won or lost. Rather, we are in the shadow of a collective mood of anxiety over what happens now and next.

There was deep anger from the extreme reaches of our citizenry who did not vote for a candidate, but voted against one of the two choices.  How sad that the greatest democracy in the world offered such flawed candidates. But it did. And America got what America voted against.

However, the America of both extremes (and even the middle) from all corners of this country have been screaming for one thing from the very beginning: Change, change, change. We said we wanted a revolutionary transformation.

So however flawed our collective choice may be, this moment must be seized as a turning point, a historic opportunity, for our new President to channel the unanimous scream for change. And to tap into that scream to trigger the positive action for change that we all share.

Today, tomorrow and the next day, our new President has a mandate to disrupt the way things are and always have been and to usher in a government that works to get things done for the people as opposed to a government that works for its own and other special interests.

This new President must lift the cloud over what is still the greatest country in the world.

This is the time. President Donald Trump must not squander it.



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