Do Your Employees Have the Right Skill Sets for the Future?

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\"\"As we know, the apparel industry is being radically reshaped at mind-boggling speed by the forces of technology, globalization and shifting consumer values. The pressure to deliver product better, faster, smarter has never been more extreme. When you combine all of these factors, shifting daily, organizations are facing unprecedented skill gaps, exacerbated by how to train and retain young talent who will differentiate their brands.

So what are the skill sets required to lead the industry into a sustainable future that will thrive in a digital economy? Instead of second-guessing what your employee profile should look like along with their skill base, Alvanon, along with several supporting apparel organizations, is conducting the first ever state of the industry survey on skills required to propel the apparel industry forward. I know Alvanon’s leaders and they are the real deal in terms of understanding what the industry and its companies need to know to evolve their models into the 21st century. The insight gleaned from the research will be published in early 2018 to help inform executives on talent development, business strategies, as well as specific skills their employees need to master.

This survey is going to provide landmark research on talent development, training and retention. Don’t miss the chance to voice your opinion! Participate in the State of The Industry – Skills for The Future Global Survey. Log on here to take the survey, which should take you about 10 minutes:

We look forward to your input, and we’ll share the results with you in early 2018.

At The Robin Report, we want to take the high road, and Alvanon’s survey and subsequent analysis will help the industry find its way to re-engineer itself. And I’m 1000 percent into that.

Thanks so much!

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