Kate Newlin

Kate is a “brand whisperer.” She’s able to hear the voices of the consumer, the culture, and the company, find where they speak in unison and unleash the power of your brand. Better yet, she knows how to bring a room to its feet, moved from engrossed to engaged to excited and ready to put her insights into action. She is the principal and founder of Kate Newlin Consulting and author of Shopportunity! How to Be a Retail Revolutionary, an ‘Oprah Selects’ and a Harvard Business Review recommended ‘book to read.’ Both books are taught in business schools throughout the country. Her consulting practice is integrally involved in developing Web3 business strategies for a wide cross-section of sectors, spanning Vans to Yum! Prior to starting her company in 2001, Kate was president of Faith Popcorn’s BrainReserve. She is a true believer in both the concept of business as a force for good and the mission-critical role it must play in the emerging social landscape. She is a frequent speaker at retail and luxury marketing meetings and is often interviewed by trade and national media for her perspectives on the emerging marketspace.

Reimagining JCPenney

Several weeks ago, a colleague asked me which retailer(s) I thought were genuinely innovative. For me, \”innovative\” and \”retailer\” rarely fit in the same sentence, ...
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How to Understand Your Customer

Remember when the Paradox of Choice was published? Sociologist Barry Schwartz\’s thesis was that consumers were stunned by the sheer staggering number of product category ...
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For Whom the Retail Bell Tolls

Recent news headline: Retail CEO announces that luxe retail is the new normal. Another recent news headline: Real estate empresario comments on how overbuilt and ...
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Why This Is So Hard

Several Christmases ago I was invited to one of those Secret Santa holiday parties. I am always a hopeless failure at such under-$25 scavenger hunts, ...
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How the Coronavirus is Going to Change Our Lives

In its recent review of A Bit of a Stretch, a prison memoir from filmmaker and ersatz tax fraudster Chris Atkins, The New York Times ...
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We Have Seen the Consumer and It is Us

The most pressing question facing our consumer society and economy is the one we keep asking each other: What\’s going to happen? David Ogilvy famously ...
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Kate Newlin - With Neither a Bang nor a Whimper - The Robin Report

With Neither a Bang nor a Whimper

It has taken a month or so for the new Covid-19 reality to do what two generations of business consultants, retail strategists and brand marketers ...
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Kate Newlin - Retail Relevance - The Robin Report

What Happened to Retail Relevance?

Let\’s review the bidding. The hottest bauble in Tiffany? A breakfast seat at the Blue Box Café. It\’s nearly impossible to get a reservation here, ...
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