An Intimate Luncheon for Ron Johnson and 300 Executives

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\"\"No, this is not another blog on how great Ron Johnson’s vision is and that I’m still a believer. Although it is , and, I am. I just thought I would send you to CNBC to hear some highlights served up by Ron to Courtney Reagan in the BEST retail conference ever presented by the Fashion Group International and The Robin Report. I say the “best” because that was the unanimous response from all of those who attended. There were close to 300 executives across all retail, vendor, and analyst sectors, and it was standing room only.

And, since my introductory style and content, and how I question panelists is well known by most of these attendees through past seminars they’ve attended, the only variable to have taken this event from good to spectacular was Ron Johnson. He truly is a great engager and communicator. And, what did he say that was new? Click on the CNBC link and you will pick up a few new items and some different perspectives.

Click here to read the article and see the video of Ron Johnson on CNBC >>

And, by the way, I know that simply being a great engager and communicator is not going to “re-invent retail,” but at least everybody will understand what it is, when he achieves it.



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