Where Are the Retail Radicals?

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We Need You Now!!!

I have my “old world” hat on and I’m scoping in on a bunch of little speedboats circling around my big old legacy ship. And more of them keep popping up, and faster. Not one of them could even dent my gigantic ship. But OMG, all of them together could wipe me out. And the rate at which their numbers are growing, whatever I have to do to transform my monster ship into a lot of similar speedboats, has got to be done quickly. And, quickly can only happen if I can find some radical thinkers and doers among my shipmates.

I need one of those speedboat types, and now!

So, we at The Robin Report in collaboration with SAP, are launching a program called the “Retail Radicals,” during a breakfast event at Shoptalk 2018. We are then going to send out an “SOS” so to speak, requesting that radical thinkers and doers from across the traditional legacy retail and brand industries apply for our awards program. We will then select 10 radical winners to be celebrated and awarded at a gala event in March, 2019.

We hope to see you at the launch event: Venetian Hotel, March 21st, breakfast from 7:30 – 8:50. RSVP for free here if you are attending Shoptalk.



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