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\"jbutler_author\"We women saw it coming, we have experienced it. And our purse from which we purchase is speaking loud and clear. We are overwhelmed with too much stuff, too many choices, too much time spent shopping for more of the same. We have enough! We are fed up with it! Enough is enough!

Because in the end, what is one more thing going to do for me, my spirit, my creativity, my appearance? Nada. When enough is enough of the same old, same old, we are turning to authenticity and meaningful experiences. We seek out handmade unique creations; shop at farmers\’ markets; shop in our closet; and re-gift without shame. We are re-learning the true nature of gifting; to gift ourselves with quiet time, gift others with our talents, and gift the world with who we are for causes that matter to us—our partners in life, our kids, families and communities. And we are also gifting ourselves with time-out from shopping as entertainment. We no longer need to fill an emotional void with the \’got to haves.\’ The \’got to haves\’ have changed to ‘want to haves.’ We are leading change in the most fundamental ways.

It is back to the future in a shape shifting of values. We\’re turning to caring for our homes instead of hiring others to do so. We are connecting back into feathering our nests that have been neglected emotionally and in their care. We\’re digging in our gardens; we\’re growing vegetables for the joy of the visceral experience. We\’re starting to actually use our gorgeous kitchens with the ‘must-have\’ granite counters. But we\’re caring less about the granite, and more about the quality of the food, while sitting around the table sharing what matters most. This is not just a prosaic exercise; it’s the real deal!

We are the agents of a sea change. We long to connect emotionally with others; to collaborate, to communicate face to face. We are making different choices not because we can, but because we see the need to do so. And when it comes to buying, we women want to buy less, to buy better, and to buy consciously. We are shaping your future.



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