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\"meality_logo\"Unique Solutions has been leading a revolution in personalized shopping since 1994. Originally founded to provide custom sewing patterns tailored to fit its customers’ individual measurements, the company has been on the cutting edge of 3-D body imaging and data capture for more than a decade. We hold the largest database of body measurements that reflect the true size and shape of today’s consumer.

Focusing on size and fit issues, as they affect individual consumers, the company has been steadily expanding its base of products and services so that people of all shapes and sizes could experience the comfort of products that truly fit their bodies.

In 2002, Unique Solutions introduced the proprietary UniqueScan body scanning system (now known as the Intellifit® Plus) using white light technology. In addition to over 200,000 points of body measurement, the Intellifit Plus can report BMI, height, weight, and health risk factors.

In 2009, Unique Solutions Design Ltd, acquired Pennsylvania based competitor, Intellifit Corporation. The Intellift body measurement system uses radio wave technology and is the only system capable of scanning a clothed body. We have applied our proprietary software and upgraded the technology and can now offer consumers the ability to quickly determine their exact body measurements and be matched to apparel that fits, without having to remove their clothing.

\"\"There is no sizing standard in the apparel industry, and guessing the right size has been a source of frustration for customers. Consumer research confirms that not knowing what size they need is the biggest barrier to internet apparel sales and for trying new brands. The Me-Ality shopping service will revolutionize both brick-and-mortar and online shopping by increasing sales and eliminating costly returns.

With the launch of Me-Ality in King of Prussia Mall – the largest retail shopping mall in the U.S. – Unique Solutions is utilizing body scanning technology to help consumers find their best fitting and most flattering styles from hundreds of brand name apparel lines.

As one of the largest resources for body/size/shape measurement data, Unique Solutions works with apparel and product manufacturers to develop size and fit solutions for their goods. We are changing the way clothes are sold – with a focus on fit, flatter, comfort, and performance.



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