The Diva of Decluttering Now Wants Us to Buy Stuff…Her Stuff

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From the person who said we all have too much stuff and if you pay me some money, I\’ll show you how to get rid of all that stuff, comes STUFF! It\’s news that even the irony-challenged will have no trouble seeing. Marie Kondo, the best-selling author of the book \”Tidying Up With Marie Kondo\” that launched a worldwide frenzy to declutter and in the process made her a media superstar and – believe it or not – one of the 100 Most Influential People in the World according to Time magazine, has launched a line of home goods for those who can\’t get enough of all things KonMari, the name for her method and apparently a play on her name.

Announced in November on her website and in an email to loyal followers, the collection is not exactly what you would have expected. Yes, there are organizational and storage pieces, generally for food and household cleaning products, but the majority of items offered for sale are \”a collection of Marie\’s favorite things and items that spark joy,\” according to the site.

And while this is consistent with her philosophy for living – \”The goal of tidying is to make room for meaningful objects, people and experiences. I can think of no greater happiness in life than being surrounded only by the things I love.\” – one can still be caught more than a bit off-guard by some of the merchandise.

Marie\’s Stuff

There are aromatherapy items, some towels and assorted accessories for the bath. And kitchen accessories like utensils, trivets and a kettle and a few food items. She also offers up a couple of pieces of apparel – a robe and a pair of shoes – as well as teas and tea serving items.

Unsurprising is the appearance of decidedly Zen items like a tuning fork with rose quartz crystal, incense burners and a Shiatsu Stick, which at $12 may be the sleeper bargain of the lot. And of course, you can buy Kondo\’s books, individually or in sets. All together the line totals about 150 items and shipping appears to be free on a random pick of items. It is unknown how the company is handling fulfillment.

It All Makes Sense…to Her

As the latest extension of her brand – there\’s a Netflix series, a consulting service and a training program for disciples – the e-commerce venture would seemingly contradict her initial philosophy that less is more. Not so, she told Fast Company in an interview on her latest venture. \”I\’m not saying the fewer things you have, the better. The emphasis is more on whether you are savoring the love you have for your belongings and taking the time to care for them. \”If you have a huge house with ample storage,\” she told the magazine, \”it\’s perfectly natural to have a lot of things.\”

A very tidy explanation indeed.

Warren Shoulberg and Marie Kondo are not likely to often be on the same page when it comes to stuff.



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