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Having the right skilled workers is a make or break proposition to grow your business for the future. Catherine Cole, CEO of MOTIF says, \”As an industry we need change agents throughout organizations – individuals, teams, executives who are able to reimagine roles and processes and work differently. This may be a disruptive process. To do that, we need people with a new blend of skills. This is the time to reimagine and reinvent roles – within companies and within careers.\”

[callout]As companies transition into a digital way of working they must also support their existing workforces and foster a ‘learning mentality’ across their people and teams.[/callout]

MOTIF in collaboration with our collaborative partner Alvanon has partnered with 19 leading apparel organizations to conduct a global skills survey to assess the level of investment in skills by apparel professionals and companies. Interestingly, results reveal knowledge gaps in the fashion industry with 57 percent of respondents struggling to fill skilled roles creating a digital skills gap.

\”The State of Skills in the Apparel Industry 2020\” special report represents the views of 900+ apparel professionals from across the value chain. You\’ll find insights on the critical skill gaps and training trends in the industry to inform business and talent development strategies. Click here to download a free copy of the study.


Study Highlights

  • Business priorities are changing; employee training and skill development is still one of the top two business issues
  • Keeping up with technology and latest business trends is the top motivator; with employee satisfaction and engagement close behind
  • High levels of satisfaction are elusive; 66 percent express some sort of dissatisfaction with the training they receive
  • There is a disconnect; 77 percent of executives feel employees do not proactively take training courses.



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