Robin Lewis and Steve Sadove Unplugged

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Check out my podcast on being a Radical in retail. I recently sat down with industry heavyweight Steve Sadove (former Chairman and CEO of Saks and former President of Worldwide Beauty Care and Nutritionals at Bristol-Myers Squibb) to discuss the current state and future of the retail industry. We discussed The Radical Awards, created to recognize the individuals who are transforming \”old world\” retailer models, brands and other consumer-facing businesses. We also explored what led Steve to his current consulting role and what\’s catching his attention in fashion, along with the new experience of retail and how multi-branding has changed the way retailers are selling to consumers. In terms of Radicalism, we covered what the biggest difference is between a legacy retailer innovating and a startup trying to innovate — and whether it\’s more radical be an innovator to force others to change or more radical to lead the charge of change. Listen to why diversification of radical activity is important and how a CEO can stay honest and keep moving with the consumer.



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