Retail’s Seismic Shift

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\"\"Retail’s Seismic Shift is the result of extensive research, enriched by many CEO interviews. It’s our answer to what the future holds, as well as to what all consumer-facing businesses must do to transform and succeed in the future. As we generated the hypotheses and framed the narrative, Michael took the lead in writing the book, while I enjoyed more of a mentoring role with major contributions.

For anyone in retail, or any consumer-facing business, who wants to survive and succeed through the seismic shifts that are shaping a new future, I truly believe you will find this a provocative, insightful, enjoyable, and indeed, a “must read.”

Jeff Gennette, CEO, Macy’s said, “The book’s title: Retail’s Seismic Shift says it all. And we are deep into it. Dart and Lewis nail the enormous challenges we must address to transform our businesses. They provide insights into today’s tech-empowered young consumer, and how they are driving retailers to respond accordingly, both online and in the store. In fact, the whole retail eco-system needs to change. This book connects the dots.” And Mindy Grossman, CEO, Weight Watchers adds, “A real eye opener and page turner—a must read.”

\"RRMany thanks to our agent and publisher, the CEO’s who helped in the research and everybody who shared their precious time in helping us create this book. You can purchase Retail\’s Seismic Shift on Amazon here >>








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