Mastercard Advisors Webinar – Marketing to the Omnishopper
The Omnishopper - MasterCard Advisors

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\"TheHoliday 2015 is not about Black Friday, Cyber Monday or even Super Saturday. Nor is it about channel, about mobile marketing or eCommerce. It’s about the consumer. Information about that most valuable asset is essential for the coming weeks and for every week of the years ahead. In that spirit, we invite you to view the latest webinar from MasterCard: \”Marketing to the Omnishopper.\”

Based on the “The CMO’s Guide to the Omnishopper,”this webinar is a detailed global portrait of a consumer that values the shopping experience more than the shopping channel. Join MasterCard Advisors’ Gary Kearns and Lynn Feinson, as well as moderator Ted Iacobuzio, to get ideas that drive executive decisions on how smart data, digital marketing and other strategies can be designed to reach and retain your most valuable customers.

In addition to the above webinar, we also encourage you to visit to download the full report, as well as find information relevant to the solutions mentioned in this webinar.



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